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 January 31, 2003 

Decision 2003: Candidates declare property and income

Aram Sarksyan reported the most:  $352,650Candidates for the February 19 Presidential election have, according to law, submitted financial declarations to the Central Elections Committee.

While most common citizens doubt the veracity of any such statements, the formality in any case shows a dramatic range of incomes.

At the top of the list, 42-year old former Prime Minister Aram Sarksyan claimed an annual income of 206,301,304 drams (about $352,650), while "Motherland and Honor" party candidate Garnik Margaryan, 58, stated a mere $418.

According to the Armenian Election Code, candidates must declare property and annual income as a condition of their candidacy.

Both Sarksyan and Margaryan asserted that they do not possess any property expect cars. Sarksyan owns a Jeep Wrangler and Margaryan, who listed his employment as "pensioner" owns a Mercedes Benz 190.

Vladimir Darbinyan and Vazgen Manukyan are the only two candidates who declared real estate. (Some candidates put dash lines in the area assigned for claiming real estate. Others simply ignored that section.)

Manukyan, 57, says he owns a 107 square meter house and 180 square meters of land and a Niva.

Manukyan, leader of the National Democratic Union, says his family earned 5,456,026 drams (about $9,300), more than half, $5,600, coming from his daughter Astghik's income.

Vladimir Darbinyan, 72, leader of the Communist Party, claimed an income of $2,565 and a 131-square meter apartment.

Forty-four year old Stepan Demirchyan, considered by political observers as the most serious contender in the race expected to won by President Robert Kocharyan, claimed to have an overall income of $9,925 of which he earned $3,891 from his job at Mars robot production plant and the remaining $6,034 earned by his mother and his wife.

Garnik Margaryan reported the least: $418.Kocharyan, 49, indicated that he does not own property nor a car and that his family, including his son, Sedrak and daughter, Gayane, earned $17,160 in 2002.

The youngest candidate, 39 year old Aram Karapetyan, head of the "Herankar" center reported $34,355.

Artashes Geghamyan, 54, the head of the parliamentary coalition "Right and Union" claimed $3,731.

Ruben Avakyan, the Director of the Armenian branch of the New Moscow Juridical University declared an income of $23,769 earned by himself and his wife and his son.

Aram Harutyunyan, 44, an assistant at Yerevan State University, reported $776.

The other Aram Sarksyan, 57 year old leader of the Democratic Party, claimed $3,709.

The official campaign began January 21 and will end February 17.

Garnik Margaryan 244 307 $418
Aram Harutyunyan 454 155 $776
Vladimir Darbinyan 1 500 000 $2 564
Aram Sarksyan 2 170 000 $3 709
Artashes Gegamyan 2 182 889 $3 731
Vazgen Manukyan 5 456 026 $9 327
Stepan Demirchyan 5 806 322 $9 925
Robert Kocharyan 10 038 458 $17 160
Ruben Avakyan 13 904 994 $23 769
Aram Karapetyan 20 097 400 $34 355
Aram Sarksyan 206 301 304 $352 652


Decision 2003: Candidates declare property and income

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