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 February 7, 2003 

From our readers

I am writing from Mist, Oregon. It is not listed on some maps; so don't be
disappointed if you don't find it. I get a sense of reality while reading
the articles at your site.

Even though I know I can't survive in Armenia now days, I and many folks
like me have fantasies. You don't know where the 'pandukt's road may lead.

May you folks inherit blessings.

I can't help commenting on John Hughes' "Mexican Restaurant" feature.

Amazing how somebody living and working in a country can make fun of it so consistently, with such enthusiasm and impunity . . .

He obviously finds that singer's English not just immensely funny but also deeply symbolic.

I wonder how he'd compare the authenticity of the singing, background music and the rest of it with the authenticity of Russian, Armenian or any other foreign names, accents, looks, culture, behavior depicted in American films for example.

And lastly I find it a bit rich for someone coming from his part of the world to expose the rotten substance of the Armenian politics in this fashion as if it was unique to Armenia.

I really hope this is read by someone other than John Hughes as well. It might give them some food for thought.

Best regards,
Youri Ananikian


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  Photos of the week
  Photo of the week: Talk Time
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Photo of the week: Talk Time
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Ups and Downs of Campaign 2003

In the second week of campaigning, crowds turned out to cheer President Robert Kocharyan. And a crowd turned riotous at a rally for Aram Karapetyan, leaving MP Hayk Babukhanyan recovering from a stabbing.



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