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 December 19 , 2003 

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Hunting for a Solution: Attacks by "man's best friend" increase as street dogs spread in Yerevan

The Yerevan municipal budget for 2003 included a 20 million dram (about $35,000) allotment for exterminating street dogs.

The methodology is simple. A three-member hunting squad goes into the streets at night, shoots the dogs, and cuts off the tails as proof of having done their jobs.

As the year ends, only about one-third of the money has been paid out. Meanwhile the Yerevan Emergency Hospital has reported 59 dog bites (most requiring stitches), as opposed to 23 last year. And that's just in one district of the city.

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According to Agnes
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The Week in seven days


The Arts in seven days


  Photo of the week
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Snow flakes the size of light bulbs?

No. In fact Yerevan's first snow Monday only lasted about as long as it took to shoot this photo.





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