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 December 5 , 2003 

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Teenagers from Tragedy: Young people write about their Gyumri.

Fifteen have passed since the day December 7 was written in black on the republic's calendars, when three cities of Armenia became ruins, when thousands of children became orphans.

But life goes on. Those mothers with names of lost children on their lips, with strength of spirit, gave birth to new children. A new generation was born - a post-earthquake generation, spared the horrifying disaster, but inheritors of the outcome.

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The Ritual of Remembering: Gyumri, on the 15th year of disaster

"Dear audience, today we want to show you a performance dedicated to the ancient city which lived through much pain and suffering but didn't lose the main thing, its color and optimistic approach to life."

So begins a performance of the Meghvik (Bee) company at the Gyumri Puppet Center.

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Dual Citizen: Home is where the heart is for Azeri woman in Karabakh

When Raya Babaeva appears in the newsroom of Artsakh Public TV and Radio her colleagues become enthusiastic and sincerely greet her saying "Hi, Raya jan, where have you been, we missed you."

Such warm relations between colleagues would probably cause no curiosity until one learns some things about this relationship.

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Kings, Heroes, Mountains?: Who will stand where Lenin stood?

Will a Biblical figure replace the Godfather of Socialism in the capital of Armenia? Will Noah stand where Lenin stood in Republic Square?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Now that the reconstruction of Armenia's main square has been completed, the question is again being debated as to whose statue will be placed as a centerpiece in the spot between the main post office and Armenia Hotel.

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According to Agnes
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Trial of Two Centuries Closes Quietly: No surprises in October 27 verdict

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Costly Cuts: Forests disappear, firewood prices increase as wood-burning season arrives

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Celebrating Themselves: Day of Disabled marked in Yerevan

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The Week in seven days


The Arts in seven days


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Out of step with the times?

About 100 hardliners marched in Yerevan last Saturday to mark the 83 year anniversary of Armenia becoming a communist country. Many oldtimers wish it were, still.





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