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 August 29, 2003 

Features: People and events of interest


Beautiful Night: Miss Armenia 2003

In Yerevan's Sport and Concert Complex Tuesday night the lights went down and anticipation went up and nearly six hours later Miss Lusineh Tovmasyan was crowned Miss Armenia 2003.

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Sevan Surprise: Hotel on the lake offers contemporary comfort in the heart of a village

You reach the village of Tsapatagh over a bumpy road far from the crowded peninsula that is the stopping point for most tourists to Lake Sevan.

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Centuries of Sacredness: Anniversary of Echmiadzin to be commemorated with "Chronicles"

For 1700 years Cathedral bells have chimed a message that all sainted roads of the Christian Faith lead to Echmiadzin.

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According to Agnes
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Free Speech Debate: Government official defends jail term for libel

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Death over Life: Inmates Prefer execution over terminal sentence

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The Week in seven days


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There She Is . . .

Lusineh Tovmasyan was crowned Miss Armenia 2003 at the annual beauty pageant in Yerevan on Tuesday.



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