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 August 22, 2003 

I Want My NMC!: Music channel to host awards for Armenian talent

This year the National Music Channel, which has been broadcasting for one year on Armenian Public Television, will revive a short-lived but popular competition from pre-independence.

Music fans might remember "Ayo-Show" which was popular from the late '80s till the early '90s in which singers who are famous in Armenia today made their first public appearances. Artists such as Nune Yesayan, Anahit Manoukyan, Emma Petrosyan and Gisha Aghakhnyan made their public debut on the show.

The general concept of the show will be reborn this October in a gala at the Sport and Concert Complex. Singers will compete in 14 categories: Best Male Singer; Best Female Singer; Best Album; Best Instrumental Album; Best Ethnic Album; Best Rock Album; Best Classical Album; Best Video; Breakthrough of the Year; Best Hit; Future of Armenian Pop; Best Rock Group; Best Ethnic Group; Best Instrumentalist; Best Music TV Program. Best VJ; Best FM radio station; Best Radio DJ; Best Composer; Tigran Naghdalyan Award, and a Special Award.

Since the disappearance of "Ayo-Show", there have been plenty music festivals, but no awards program.

"It is extremely nice for artists when they take part at the festivals, however, a contest is completely different measure for which they start to prepare with more responsibility," says composer Sona Avagyan. "The TV awards contest is very necessary as millions of people watch it are involved in that process."

The National Music Channel began receiving applications August 1. (Click here for an application).

The first stage of the contest will include 3-5 nominees and one of them will get an award in a nomination. It won't be a money prize, but winners of the preliminary round will receive a diploma and a souvenir which made by painter Arman Davtyan.

The preliminary competition will be broadcast and viewers can call in to vote for their favorite performers. Those receiving the most call-ins will receive a special TV Viewer's award.

The exact date of the gala concert has not been determined, but will be broadcast live.



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