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 August 15, 2003 

Sports: UEFA Cup hopes slip for Shirak; Banants hangs on

Shirak and Banants football clubs began participation in UEFA Cup competition yesterday (August 14).

The first round was a (0-4) crush for Shirak, but ended in a draw for Banants.

Shirak traveled to Denmark to face Nordsjaellan and were quickly dispatched by their hosts, as Dennis Swrensen scored at 12 minutes to begin a hat trick (also scoring at 45 and 48). Teammate David Rasmussen closed out the scoring at minute 54.

The defeat leaves Shirak with only the slimmest of chances of advancing, as it would need to win by at least four goals (plus an added time victory or by penalties) when the teams meet again ?? on Shirak's home pitch.

Banants 1-1 draw against Hapoel of Tel Aviv leaves it in better shape as Hapoel comes to Yerevan August 28.

After Rozen of the Israeli club scored at minute 44, Banants' Amin Ryan evened the match at 72.

A victory or a 0-0 draw would send Banants to the second round.



According to Agnes
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The Week in seven days


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Hey Europe and UK! Stop complaining!

While the UK broke temperature records with 38 C (100.4 F), Summer in the City was a hotter tune in Yerevan. The Opera House thermometer registered as high as 48 (118.4).

On August 10, temperatures in high elevations were said to have reached 55 (131). The Ministry of Healthcare advised residents to eat more fruit and easily digestible foods.

By Friday, things had "cooled down" to 30 (86).


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